Haskell experiments - NLP and Yesod web apps

Originally published May 30, 2014

I am still struggling a bit learning Haskell - so far this has been a multi-year process :-)

I converted some NLP code for tagging/categorization from Clojure to Haskell. I was surprised that this code ended up being only 62 lines, including white space. That said, there is still more code to port but I think the final library will be something like 100 lines of code. I like concise programming languages!

I also wrote a very simple Yesod based web app that uses the Haskell tagging/categorization module (41 lines of code). You can try it here if you want.

I still find coding in Haskell to be slow and painful, but I do have periods when I feel very productive so I hope to sometime in the future get as efficient as I am in Clojure or Ruby. Wish me luck :-)


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