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Spending money on faking public opinion: Cocoa Cola paid tweets, BP hiring people to down vote anti-BP stories and blog posts

OK, I say give Cocoa Cola a pass, and turn our wrath on BP. News manipulation, keeping reporters and the public away from the Gulf oil spill, etc. Question is: will my little tech blog attract a paid for BP shill defending BP? :-)

Interview with Dan Ingalls

I really enjoyed this interview mostly for the part about early Smalltalk work at Xerox, especially how the InterLisp-D and Smalltalk teams shared ideas. I got a Xerox 1108 Lisp Machine in 1982 and the Xerox sales rep also let me use their Smalltalk environment for a month (had to install over Lisp, try it out for a month, then reinstall Lisp - a small hassle but well worth it). The discusion of starting the Squeak project and his recent work on Lively Kernel is very interesting! I haven't played with Lively Kernel in a while but if you haven't experimented with Lively Kernel I recommend that you try it.

Nice: New Cog VM just-in-time compiler for Squeak and Pharo

I saw an announcement on Nabble , grabbed a source tar file and built a new VM in a few minutes on my MacBook (VM was built as I ran no benchmarks, but I have no problems believing the reported 2x to 3x speed improvements, just from the responsiveness of the UI. I look forward to sometime in the future when standard Pharo is released with Cog.