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Benefits of static web sites hosted on Google Cloud Storage, Azure Storage, or Amazon S3

Most of my sites have no dynamic content but I often still hosted them as a Ruby Sinatra app or use PHP. A few years ago I experimented with using the static site generator Jekyll but still hosted the generated site on one of my own servers using nginx. After a while I decided to revert the site to its old implementation as a Sinatra web app (even though the site was always static, that is, no server side actions required except for serving up static HTML, JS, and CSS files). I am now using a far superior setup, and I am going to document this new setup to document it for myself, and perhaps other people may find this useful also: I chose to use Google Cloud Storage for personal reasons (I used to work as a contractor at Google and I fondly remember their infrastructure, and using GCP is slightly similar) but using Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure  is also simple to set up. Start by installing Harp and a static site local web server: npm install -g harp npm install -g lo