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Using pjax with Clojure and Noir: minimize client side Javascript code while maintaining fast page load times

I don't like doing a lot of client side Javascript (or Coffeescript) development. pjax is a way to minimize client side Javascript while maintaining fast page load times. I became interested in pjax after reading an article on the development of Basecamp Next. DHH indicated that they looked at pjax but then rolled their own similar system. Here is a github repo with a Clojure and Noir example web app using pjax that I wrote this morning. There were a few non-obvious aspects to using pjax with Noir so hopefully this will save you some time. If you don't want to grab the github repo, here are a few interesting code snippets. First, we need to run a little Javascript to process links to set up for AJAX calls setting a "X-PJAX" header: $(function(){ // Activate PJAX test links // Response will be loaded into #wrapper element $('a').pjax('#wrapper') }) I put this code in resoures/public/js/application.js which is loaded in the common Cloj

Nice discovery: PJAX and Rails

Well this has been a discovery for me :-) I finished my work early today and started my afternoon working through a simple iOS 5 tutorial. As recreation, I went over to Hacker News and read a linked article by David Heinemeier Hansson on making the response time fast on Basecamp Next while still doing mostly server side processing. The article and the comments were great. This is of some interest to me because I have recently spent a lot of time writing a lot of client side Javascript for a Dojo + Rails app: straightforward but time consuming. DHH in the article and HN comments was making the point that for his company, it was a better developer experience doing more with server side Rails and less custom rich client code in Coffeescript or Javascript. I agree. He, and other people in the comments mentioned pjax as a library for sending back requests to the server that are marked with a HTTP header 'X-PJAX' if the page layout is not to be returned. This makes it relativel

I feel a bit like a traitor to the open source movement: I just re-signed up as a Mac OS X and iOS developer

I am a Linux enthusiast (downloaded my first distro over a 2400 baud modem, a long time ago!) and I really like the Android platform. That said, I have really been enjoying the integration between my iPad and my Apple iTV (that my stepson gave me for Christmas) and the Mountain Lion OS X information released today makes me feel fairly certain that the "Apple experience" is what I want when I am not earning money doing server side Java, AI and textmining consulting gigs, etc. For the work I do for making money (i.e., consulting) it doesn't matter what computer and operating system that I use. I am even planning on trading in my Droid cellphone for an iPhone this year. I also have a long history with Apple. I prepaid for an Apple II and received serial number 71. I wrote the simple little chess program that Apple gave away on a cassette tape for a while. When the Mac shipped in 1984 I bought one right away and wrote a commercial app that generated a lot of revenue. So,

github repo for 4th edition of my Java AI book

As of right now, this new github repo mostly contains the code from the 3rd edition of my book but as I re-write the book, I'll also be updating my code. Some of this Java code really needs a rewrite: many of the examples from the first edition were written in 1998 - a long time ago! I have reworked the code with each new edition. The code examples are licensed under the LGPL but I am considering dual licensing them under Apache 2 also. Any suggestions for code improvements, pull requests, etc. will be appreciated.