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Full circle from one laptop to rule them all to specialized function specific devices

For about 25 years my digital life was wrapped tightly around whatever personal laptop I had. Since for most of that time I worked as a remote consultant (except for gigs at Singapore-based Ola Search, Google in Mountain View, and currently at Capital One in Urbana, Illinois) my personal laptop also covered work activities. There was something close and comforting about having one digital device that I relied on. Digital life is very different now. Because of concerns about ‘always being online’ and not paying enough attention to the non-digital world, I favor just wearing an Apple Watch and leaving my iPhone at home. The Apple Watch is just adequate enough for phone calls, messaging, and on rare occasions email and is not anything I spend any real time paying attention to. I can spend the good part of a  day shopping, walking in a park, eating out, or perusing books in a library and just spend a few minutes paying attention to my watch. A huge improvement to cellphone addiction! F

AWS Neptune Graph Database as a service

Fascinating to see Amazon AWS supporting graph databases with their  Neptune service  - I have been working as a machine learning practitioner at Capital One (I manage a machine learning team there) but in a previous life, I worked with the Knowledge Graph when I was a consultant at Google and I have written a few semantic web/linked data books. As a side project at home I have been looking into Knowledge Graph building tools so Amazon;s new offering looks useful! I like that they support both SPARQL and and Gremlin for queries.