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Rewrote my main web site in Clojure + Noir

I have had the domain for almost 20 years and for about 15 years my site was a simple PHP application hosted on the awesome provider Hurricane Electric . There are a few things that I want to improve on my site so I decided to rewrite using Clojure and Noir, a combination that I have been mostly using for writing web apps in the last year or so. I usually use AWS (and sometimes Heroku) for hosting my customer's web apps and the web apps for my side projects but for my primary domain (important for my business!) I decided to go back to using RimuHosting , a hosting provider I used to use for my own projects and I always liked their service. Some of the new site is still HTML fragments from my old site implementation but I am in the process of converting everything to use hiccup and cleaning up the CSS.