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Not really retired 😀

I read with some humor my last blog post from 6 months ago, saying that I was retired. Ha! As I mentioned 6 months ago, my wife has chronic health problems but those have stabalized, and life is now fairly good. I did start a very much part time (15 hours/week) advisory gig with Mind AI about 4 months ago. Enjoyable work on an interesting product. I am not performing any substantial development work, rather spending most of my time as an architect and advisor. I am 71 years old, and leaving heavy lifting development work to younger and more energetic co-workers is for the best. I have a huge backlog of writing projects, mostly on hold for the moment because of my work at Mind AI: A new book "Artificial Intelligence Programming in Python: Exploring the Boundaries of Deep Learning, Symbolic AI, and Knowledge Representation". Edits for my Common Lisp book, adding new examples. Ideas and some new code for my Swift AI book. For the last year I have been basically giving a