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My large Haskell + Python project KGcreator (tool for automating the generation of Knowledge Graphs) and auto code formatting

You might wonder what the topics of my large Haskell + Python project KGcreator and auto code formatting have to do with each other. I addition to working on two Python books ( Python Intelligent Systems and Deep Learning and Graph Databases ), my main 'retirement' activity has been write a lot of Haskell code and a smaller amount of Python code for my KGcreator project. After reading a discussion on Hacker News yesterday about Python code tidy/auto-format tools, I decided to add Makefile targets. After a 'stack install stylish-haskell hindent' and a 'pip install yapf', I added something like this to my Haskell top level Makefile: tidy: cd src/fileutils; stylish-haskell -i *.hs; hindent *.hs cd src/nlp; stylish-haskell -i *.hs; hindent *.hs cd src/sw; stylish-haskell -i *.hs; hindent *.hs cd src/webclients; stylish-haskell -i *.hs; hindent *.hs cd test; stylish-haskell -i *.hs; hindent *.hs And something like this to my Python top level Mak