Our Java portal for recipes is almost feature complete

I am still working on the AI agent for custom recipe creation at our Java portal for recipes but otherwise the site is just about feature complete. Our site has a unique feature: users create free login accounts and then they can maintain a private database for ingredients on hand. They can then search for recipes and optionally specify that only recipes for which the user has the ingredients for will be shown.

The AI agent functionality is (or will be :-) also cool: the user can specify which ingredient that they have on hand that they would most like to use up. The also specify a cooking style (e.g., American comfort food, Japanese, etc.) and how spicy they want it. The AI agent will then search for recipes that the use the specified ingredient and for which the user has many of the ingredients for - then the recipe is customized for cooking style and for only using ingredients in the user's "on hand database".


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