Something really nice

Today has been a grind working on documentation and demo programs for my Java KBtextmaster product. A friend just sent me a link to something really nice that was a good break from work.

This is a short web movie that reminds me that most people really are good at heart and that all people are connected by shared experiences. I really recommend spending 2 minutes and watching this (it is a great antidote to hearing Ann Coulter wish that Tim McVeigh had visited the New York Times offices and hints that perhaps liberals in the USA should be killed(*)).

Some people would like us to forget what all people have in common; you know that I am talking about the "either you are with us or against us" crowd.

I believe that we can have a strong defense and protect our country and our way of life without embracing hate and promoting a feeling of separation with people who are different than us.

It is time to turn away from darkness and dark thoughts and celebrate the ties that bind all human beings together. When you hear someone preaching hate (**) ask yourself if they are simply an idiot or what their agenda is. We are an open country and everyone has the rights of free speech; still, when people like Coulter start spouting off philosophies of hate and alienation, I think it is best to publicly ridicule what they say and put them in their place. I get tired of listening to radicals on both the far left and the far right, but lately the radicals on the far right seem to be the most noisy.

(*) try doing a web search for things like "Ann Coulter 'New York Times'" or "Ann Coulter kill liberals". I am assuming that at least some of this stuff that I read about her is true.

(**) speaking of hate, why is it that Republican leadership in Congress is trying to eliminate hate crime laws? Why are a lot of Democrats going along with this? These actions just do not make sense to me.


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