The best Java CMS system

I wrote about the Daisy CMS system last year and I have spent more time with it recently. Daisy is released under the Apache 2 license and was written by Outerthought (under funding from Schaubroeck).

Daisy is a bit of a rough install (the first time I installed it it took about 30 minutes to set up the MySQL tables, and get all three server processes running (each runs in its own JVM). One of these processes is OpenJMS. I want to re-work Daisy so that it runs under JBoss with minimum installation hassles (e.g., use the built in JBoss Jorma JMS service and perhaps even use HSQL by default with automatic table generation). I would like to extend Daisy (still under the Apache 2 license(*)) to be a snap to install and run with JBoss.

Daisy is cool!

(*) in the future I would like to also add my KBtextmaster technology and make a separate commercial product that is a low cost turn key complete document management system.


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