API Javadocs for my KBtextmaster product

I finished the port to Java from Common Lisp of version 2 of my KBtextmaster product and just published the public API here.

Tomorrow I will also publish the user's guide and a ZIP file containing the source code to the demo programs (e.g., a service wrapper for using KBtextmaster to index and cluster documents for a web application, a sample search and clustered document client, and several tiny examples for using the basic natural language processing APIs).

KBtextmaster also provides pure Java solutions for reading Word, Powerpoint, PDF, OpenOffice.org, AbiWord, etc. files.

I hope to finish final testing and start selling version 2 in 4 or 5 days. Version 1 was written several years ago in Common Lisp. I have been working on version 2 since early 2004, so this will be a major upgrade.

I have a PDF file for a color product brochure here.


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