Strange advantages of using Windows XP

Because my new PC is so very much faster than my old dual G4 Mac, I find myself using the PC - go figure. Although OS X is clearly the better 'user experience', and better I would argue for general software development, there are a few programs that I am now enjoying under Windows XP: The Triple20 Semantic web tool available at the Swi-Prolog web site and Google's Desktop Search.

The one thing that I would like to get for Windows XP is a better command window utility. When working, my approximate work breakdown is:
  • IntelliJ - 50% (includes occasional use of Eclipse and Netbeans)
  • xterm or command window - 25%
  • FireFox - 15%
  • - 10%
All is well, except for the command window. I would like to buy an alternative command window shell - I use bash from cygwin, but I would like something better.


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