Open Media Network: very cool

The Open Media Network is similar to what I was talking about in my blog a few months ago: a way to use distributed content delivery to inexpensively deliver video on the internet. I was thinking about low cost "TV shows" (Internet shows?) that would be like low cost Indy films, distributed for free (almost) using BitTorrent, and producers could fund themselves by including commercials. Think: end run against the very few media corporations who control almost everything that most Americans can easily see.

Open Media Network is similar, but looks like it will specialize in distributing specials from PBS, etc. Since the Bush administration would like to terminate PBS news (too factual for a regime that requires a pliant corporate media to further their agendas), this is a great thing for a free and democratic society. Everyone but the most radical republicans would like to see a well educated populace with access to accurate news, etc.

Open Media Network is just not about politics: lots of technical material, etc. I just downloaded an educational special about a recent excavation of a well preserved mummy in Egypt. Amazing video of the mummy being brought up to the surface.

Great technology!


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