U.S. cronyism in Iraq

The British charity organization Christian Aid issued a scathing report on corruption and cronyism in Iraq. As Americans, I think that it is time for us to collectively admit that we have screwed up. (Hey, I screwed up and voted for Bush in the last election.)

While I am ranting about the corrupt and ineffectual reconstruction efforts of the Bush administration in Iraq, I would also like to point you to an excellent Paul Krugman editorial in the New York Times.

A lot of Americans have a difficult time criticizing our country, and that is understandable. I would argue however that the best chance we have for keeping our country a great place is to objectively analyze past mistakes and try to correct them.

The Bush administration has been running for re-election since the day Bush took office. My question to you is: do you really want Karl Rove running our country for another 4 years?


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