My flat screen monitor: the parrot perch

In that last few months, our young parrot Brady (officially my wife's pet) has taken more and more to spending a large part of his day perched on top of my flat screen monitor. A word of warning: don't encourage me! I might start posting pictures of him :-)

Brady is a Meyer's Parrot, a small breed. Sometimes his tail feathers cover a very small area of my screen display, but I can always move windows around a little. Brady is a fairly small bird, but it is amazing how much apparent intelligence he has packed into that little brain! During cocktail time, we sometimes set up puzzles for him: situations in which it takes him a lot of time to analyze new situations to solve problems.

My dog, an Italian Greyhound (great breed!!!), spends much of his time sleeping under my desk, so my office has a zoo-like quality. My wife also works out of our home in her own office, but it seems like I tend to get the animals.

Anyway we have two great pets - it is especially important that both our parrot and dog are gentle with our grandchildren when they visit.


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