Ruby client for search and spelling correction using Bing's APIs

I noticed that Microsoft allows free use of their search and spelling correction APIs. I just played with the APIs for a few minutes. Here is a Ruby code snippet that I just wrote:

require 'rubygems' # needed for Ruby 1.8.x
require 'simple_http'
require 'json'

def search query
uri = "{API_KEY}&Market=en-US&Query=#{CGI.escape(query)}&Sources=web+spell&Web.Count=4"

def correct_spelling text
uri = "{API_KEY}&Market=en-US&Query=#{CGI.escape(text)}&Sources=web+spell&Web.Count=1"
You need a free Bing API key - notice that I set the key value in my environment. If you get a key, then try:
search "semantic web java ruby lisp"
correct_spelling "semaantic web jaava ruby lisp"
The first method does spelling correction before search.


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