ClioPatria semantic search web-server

Between 2003-2005 I often used Swi-Prolog for semantic web experiments before I more or less settled on using Sesame (and occasionally AllegroGraph and Redland).

I just saw a link to the ClioPatria semantic search web-server project. Assuming that you have a fairly recent copy of Swi-Prolog installed, trying ClioPatria only takes a few minutes:
git clone git://
cd ClioPatria/project-iswc
Then, point your browser to http://localhost:3020/, load, for example, a OWL (XML format) data file, and try some queries. The default query language is SeRQL which I don't use, so I set the query language to SPARQL and all seems to work fine.

One good thing about Swi-Prolog and the bundled SemWeb library is that loading RDF data and performing queries seems very quick compared to Sesame which is what I usually use. As a result, the ClioPatria web application is also very quick.


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