Useful tool for searching millions of RSS feeds; some of my own projects

I have been using recently (both because they are a customer of mine and their service is very useful). I also use Technorati to specifically search blogs, but Rojo has a few results optimizations that makes their service a bit more useful to me.

I have been working on a customized information portal for about a year. I took down the Java version a few months ago when I started on a newer version written in Ruby and Rails. I was hoping to have it back on line by now, but working on my new Ruby book and consulting for a few customers takes priority.

I created a 'knowledge based' recipes/cooking portal last year and I also want to work on this technology more this year. I originally started to use the USDA nutrition database, then stopped when I realized how inaccurate estimating the nutritional content of recipes is given variations in cooking and quality of ingredients. Anyway, I want to take another shot at providing nutritional information along with displayed recipes. One cool thing about is that you can keep a personal database on the web site of the ingredients you have on hand - and optionally only see recipes that you have the ingredients to make. I also have a first cut at an AI recipe agent to help you use up ingredients that you have.


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