Rails 1.1 released

Here is the good news!

The timing is great since I am just finishing up my Enterprise Ruby book and I will take an extra week to update the examples, as appropriate, mostly with RJS and new ActiveRecord features.


  1. Anonymous3:24 AM

    :) I can't wait untill your book is out i have every ruby book know to man but i was wondering will this be a rails book or will there be some ruby qt in there the ruby community really really needs a qt book about ruby.

  2. I just cover server side Ruby and also some Rails in my new book.

    For Ruby and Qt, look here (I have not read the book that I am linking to, but it may be what you want):


  3. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Cool another rails book ill be grabeing that one for sure as far as the qtruby book you mentioned i allready purchased that one it's extreamly limited in content about 90
    35 pages are just on installing qt and qtruby.

    thanks for your responce:)


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