Microsoft Word's master document support sucks; ancient archeological sites

Really. I have searched for 'Microsoft Word master documents' so at least I know that I am not suffering alone :-)

Really, what could be so difficult about supporting a master document with included chapter files and get the TOC right?

On a happier note: I went on a great hike with friends today, and another two days ago. I live in a fairly remote area in central/northern Arizona, and there are hundreds of ancient Native American Indian ruins in our area. Fortunately, almost all of them are very difficult to get to so the theft of artifacts is slowed down. I am a peaceful person, but the thought of people stealing artifacts drives me right over the edge.

Anyway, I have visited 6 sites in the last 3 days - quite a treat. I like to just sit and not only take in the views (ancient American Indians always built their homes where there were fantastic views) but pick up pottery shards, grinding stones, broken arrowheads, etc. (It is OK to pick stuff and look at it if you place things back where you found them). Ancient Indians may not have developed much technology but I personally believe that they were very advanced spiritually. Almost every site that I visit has ancient rock art, and while the drawings and etchings in stone walls are simple, they are very emotive - really touching in a deep way: I feel a bond with the people who lived 1000 to 4500 years ago at the sites that I visit; hard to explain, but there it is.


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