Google Video: bad, or what?

I have been a happy customer of Apple's music store (now videos also :-) for several years, so it was fairly shocking to see how mediocre Google's video store is. I am basically a Google fan (approaching my 2 year anniversary using GMail and 3 year anniversary of using their SOAP search API), but wow, they seemed to have dropped the ball on this one. Yuck!

I am tired of getting low value for my money from my local cable company, and I am fairly eager for opportunities to buy or rent good entertainment as I want it on the internet. If all content providers sold through Apple's store that would be great. I also signed up for netflix last night and I am curious to see how their service will be.

Open Media Network used to be great, but now they seem to have fewer great free Indy movies, etc. than they used to.


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