my new project:

We all have things that we are proud of professionally. For me this is largely being proud of process and some achievements. My process is one of focussing down on a (very) few things and getting them done efficiently and then spending time "playing" with new technologies and working on new ideas. These are two very different kinds of work and I approach them differently.

I have read a lot of material on "getting stuff done" and I have used other people's productivity software. For to-do lists I like the simplicity of just using GMail's "Tasks" features. All other projects that I have tried have many features that I don't need or care about and miss some things that I need. Since I focus on just one or two things per (work) day, I want a system that helps me to manage just a few things. This will definitely be a "scratch my own itch" style project.

It will take at least a month until I get a public beta ready, but I do have a placeholder web app set up:


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