Something fun: new book project on the Semantic Web using AllegroGraph

The book is about 15% done (about 50 pages so far) and a rough draft PDF file is available. I realize that the market for this book will be small because AllegroGraph is a commercial product. However, Franz does make a non-commercial use version available for free, so my expectation is that when the book is done (between 2 and 6 months, depending on how busy my consulting schedule is) a fair number of people will enjoy the book with the non-commercial version of AllegroGraph. The finished book will be available for free as a PDF file and as a print book from

This book is fairly easy for me to write because I have existing coding experiments for just about all the Semantic Web application examples in the book. Also, since there are so many good Semantic Web references on the web and in existing books, I am only covering the SW technology that is used in the book examples. I want the book to be self contained: just enough tutorial and reference material covering AllegroGraph and other SW technologies so readers can completely understand the application examples.


  1. I know you have experimented with Redland RDF... do you think your exrecises will port to that, or are you making good use of AllegroGraph extensions? Best of luck with the project! kt

  2. Greetings Kenny,

    Redland is a good tool, but does not support RDFS inferencing, etc.

    So, for this book I am taking advantage of most of AllegroGraph's extensions.

    Best regards,


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