Good Ruby support in IntelliJ 8.0

IntelliJ 8.0 was released yesterday and after installing the Ruby + Rails plugin, IntelliJ is very competitive with the NetBeans for Rails development.

One feature that I particularly like is the jump links in the editor that let you jump from a controller method to the corresponding view template. There are also links from a method to the super class method that is being overridden (if any). There is currently a small bug in the plugin: multiple identical jump links are shown; all work the same.

In some ways it is nice to have Java and Ruby support in one IDE, but there are "Java only" menus shown while working on Rails projects - that is one advantage of the new RubyMine IDE: basically IntelliJ with all Java support removed. At the current time, Rails support for IntelliJ 8.0 seems to be more stable than the prerelease version of RubyMine but it will be interesting to compare the two next year when RubyMine is released as a product.


  1. 2 years for RubyMine ?? Is that a joke ?

  2. no joke: I said "it will be interesting to compare the two next year when RubyMine is released as a product". I will compare the two products next year...

  3. Just gave RubyMine a quick testride because of your post.
    Coming from TextMate it feels like switching from a Porsche to a truck.
    Besides the code completion no value is added, IMHO
    For the rare times when I appreciate a bit more visual help I'll stick with Netbeans and it's integrated jruby support.

    Btw: Really enjoyed your article on merb

  4. Hello Jo,

    RubyMine seems to be improving since the first demo release. Still, to be fair, I will wait until there is a real release before comparing it to NetBeans+Ruby support (which, as you say, is very good).

    I also use TextMate a lot, especially for developing small programs or my own private Ruby gem libraries.

    Thanks for the comment on my Merb article: I had fun writing that.


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