Cool: JetBrain's new RubyMine

I have started using JetBrain's IntelliJ 8.x milestone releases for experimenting with Scala and doing Java development so I was very pleased to see JetBrain's new Ruby development IDE. I'll write more about it after using it on a test project. This is a public preview with a release date for next year.


  1. Mark, I will be interested in hearing what you have to say about this after you use it. Specifically:
    1. will you use it instead of using Netbeans (which I think you have said you are using now)
    2. it looks like this is a seperate (and cheaper) product than the standard IntelliJ offering. They say in their blog there will be a plugin for IntelliJ which is based on the new Ruby product. It will be interesting to see what, if any, features it has over using IntelliJ with the plugin. Perhaps the aim is to make it cheaper for people who only want Ruby/Rails, and the feature set will be the same for both.

    On a related comment to your post, any thoughts you have now on Scala, and as you move forward, I would be interested in hearing about.

    Thanks for you postings, I find they sync up closely with my interests...

  2. Hello Jim,

    re: IDEs: it is a problem choosing!

    I very much like IntelliJ for Java development. Scala support is also very good in version 8.x. RubyMine is pre-release so it is too soon to decide on that.

    Eclipse has a few big advantages also: I enjoy using Milar to focus on just the files I need for each task and also the Latex integration with Eclipse is very fine: great for working on Java related writing projects because I focus in of the Latex and Java example files for each chapter: sweet!

    NetBeans is great if you want tight integration with Java add-ons like Glassfish, auto-generating web services, and JavaME.

    re: Ruby development: I have been using Merb a lot more than Rails lately and the IDE support is not there yet for Merb; as a result I have been using the command line TextMate a lot.


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