Why I have not been blogging about the latest war in the Middle East

I find it difficult to write about something when both my intellect and emotions condemn people on all sides of a conflict. My contempt is not for the many Lebanese and few Israeli civilian casualties, or for any of the people who simply want to live their lives and raise their kids.

My contempt is for both the brutal Israeli government and for the shitty, sometimes evil, and stupid leadership (both governments and terror organizations) of their adversaries. I think that the leaders on all sides of this conflict are pathetic - worthy of disgrace and shame.

The slaughter of civilians has got to stop. Killing civilians is a war crime. Get the leaders of all sides of this conflict before international war crimes tribunals, give them all fair trials, punish those who are found to be guilty, and see if the level of violence decreases. I bet that it would. As a world, we have to come together and stop this shit. I believe that history is at a crossroads: either we work together to clean up our collective acts and move into a great future, or we "stay the course" and fail in our responsibilities to our children and grandchildren.

The UN has not been a very effective organization because of the veto power in the security council. If voting were adjusted to be more in line with populations of countries, with no veto power, I think that UN resolutions would have more effectiveness. We need a world wide forum and enforcement agency to make it clear to world leaders what actions are not acceptable to the vast majority of people living on our planet.


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