Is India blocking my blog and all others on

I just read that Indian ISPs were given a list of domains to block. Too bad, really. I have been to India, and very much liked it there - an interesting place with warm and friendly people. They still have problems of corruption (my driver was shaken down by police twice the last day I was there), and you can read Arundhati Roy's non-fiction books on global corporate powers working with corruption in the Indian government and other governments if you would like to better understand "how things work in the world". (The root of this corruption is in multinational corporations that used to be US companies - so I am not picking on India here)

In any case, I hope that either this is not true or that the Indian government will quickly realize its mistake and keep their internet access free. It is well publicized that China's government blocks many foreign domains, but as a conservative (yes, I strongly dislike Bush and his radical neoconservative advisors - but I still consider myself to be conservative) I have deep problems with the Chinese government anyway (the people in China have my very best wishes however - it is just their government I do not care for).


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