Dissent: the finest of American traditions

Amazingly, our politicians and the media industries try to paint the picture of dissent as being unpatriotic. I recommend re-studying American history! You have seen this for yourself: criticize Bush and you are unpatriotic. Criticize poor amateurish military decisions made by the radical neoconservatives and you are unpatriotic. Wanting to save our military infrastructure and personnel for real future threats to our country: labeled as "cut and run" rather than as "smart".

This perversion of American ideals is made possible by the massive consolidation of ownership of the news media: under the Bush administration, the FCC has failed to do its job by letting a few very large multi-national corporations buy up control of most of the media that the average person sees.

If you have 28 minutes, I can recommend this video on the state of US media compared to more uncensored news that people in most other countries get to see. I think of myself as a conservative, so a few things in this video rub me the wrong way, but it is still a valuable wake up call to the dangers to democracy of tightly controlled news media. Highly recommended!


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