A sad day for the U.S.

Another nail in our economic coffin: U.S. loses again in competitiveness against the rest of the world. Largely along party lines, House Republicans shafted the people of our country, to the benefit of a very few corporations that are probably no longer even American companies - most large corporations have by now registered off shore to limit taxes and liabilities. The "net neutrality bill" would have helped the U.S. stay competitive with the rest of the world, but I guess that the soft money contributions ("bribes") of corporations wanting to limit the utility of the Internet to American entrepreneurs and businesses for some short term gains paid off.

When a large corporation bribes ("soft money campaign contributions") members of Congress, I wonder what their rate of return on "investment" is. What ever happened to doing what is best for our country?

In my opinion, this is corruption, plain and simple.


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