Open sourcing GlueCode

Suddenly, GlueCode gets to be a more interesting option. I noticed in James' blog that Mark Fleury (of JBoss) is unhappy that IBM bought a commercial JBoss competitor and open sourced their software.

I am downloading GlueCode SE 1.1 beta right now, and will hopefull have a chance to evaluate it in some depth in the next few days. I have quite an investment in using JBoss, so GlueCode will have to be fairly compelling to switch. Possibly, GlueCode might also be a replacement for the Tomcat + JoramJMS combination that I sometimes use.

James argues that open source is better for huge companies like IBM than for small companies, and he is probably right. However, I would argue that open source infrastructure software is even better for consultants (like me!) because it facilitates driving down the overall costs of projects so customers can afford more consulting (and in house) work.

PS. I did just take a quick look at GlueCode: installation was very simple, and the admin console looks great - maybe Mark Fleury does have something to worry about.


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