The quality of new programming languages is apparent by looking at projects using the language

The community growing around the Clojure language is great. While the Clojure platform is still evolving (quickly!) browsing through available libraries, frameworks, and complete projects is amazing.

My "latest" favorite Clojure project is Noir that simply provides a composable mechanism for building web applications (using defpartial). I get to use Noir on two customer web app projects (and some work with HBase + Clojure) over the next month or two, and I am looking forward to that. The simpler of the two web apps is an admin console exposing some APIs on a private LAN and the Try Clojure web app is a great starting point, as well as an example of a nicely laid out Noir application.

Since Clojure is such a concise language I find it easy to read through, understand, evaluate, and use projects. Since I am still learning Clojure (I have just used Clojure for about 6 months of paid work over the last couple of years) the time spent reading a lot of available code to find useful stuff is very well spent because reading good code with an open repl is a great way to learn new idioms.


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