Publishing to the Kindle, Android, iPhone, and iPad

I just bought a Kindle and I like it more than I thought that I would. The screen is easy to read and it is much lighter than an iPad.

I have a plan to add support for Kindle, Android, iPhone, and iPad file formats in my writing/publishing pipeline. Currently, my "development system" for writing is Latex with some custom Ruby scripts and a Makefile for each writing project. From Latex source files, I can currently generate:
  • Lulu print books
  • PDFs for laptop viewing
  • HTML pages with automatically inserted Google Adsense ads
  • HTML pages
I have been generating fairly good revenue from publishing my Open Content books and selling print copies (some generous people also pay for the PDF instead of using the free downloads). Because I am earning more money from my Open Content writing, I plan on devoting much more time to writing next year. I plan on always making the large format PDFs free for download, and selling print books and versions for hand-held devices.


  1. Hi Mark, this is pretty (iPad) specific but a very neat eBook framework: Baker Framework uses HTML5 to publish books on the iPad, so you can distribute your books also as iPad apps :-)

  2. If you are new to eBook readers, you may not have come across Calibre. It may be of some use to you.

  3. Thanks Nigel. I installed Calibre (with the command line tools) before ordering the Kindle. Nice package.


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