Clozure Common Lisp 1.6 has been released

Although I have used SBCL for more consulting work than Clozure CL, I have started using Clozure for more of my own projects. One thing I prefer is that standalone applications built with Clozure are about 10 megabytes smaller than apps built with SBCL. Release notes


  1. Mark, how does the size overhead vary with the size of the app per se? ie does that 10mb difference remain steady as the app grows? I just recently started with sbcl and only barely touched clozure CL a year or so ago. Thanks!

  2. Hello Patrick,

    I am travelling, and I don't have Clozure CL installed on my laptop. That said, I think the 10 MB overhead was constant, regardless on the size of application code. I don't know what the relative size would be on a huge application or, for example, a few hundred thousand lines of code. Also there might be a difference in data storage efficiency.



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