Free PDF for the Common Lisp edition of my "Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications" book

I have been working on this book on and off for two years and finally finished it recently while on a long vacation. You can get a free PDF on my Open Content web page or if you want to encourage me to write more material on niche topics, you can buy a print copy.

Although this book covers a small market, I believe that the combination of Common Lisp and the AllegroGraph RDF data store is a great combination for developing knowledge intensive software.


  1. Thanks for this interesting book.

  2. Great news Mark. I just bought the e edition and will read it after I finish the land of lisp. The only remark is the authors of lisp books should organize themselves since it was a dry season after let over lambda and now a flood of lisp books.

  3. Totally unrelated comment: you should change your Facebook "Like" button to the version which accepts comments - this will allow people to get the word out better as likes which have comments are given better presentation in people's feed.


  4. Hi, Mark. This looks really promising. However, the URL for the sample code in the book (opencontent/ doesn't seem to work. Has the URL changed, or is the code no longer available? Thanks.

  5. Hello Conser, the ZIP file is back on my web site.

  6. Got it -- Thank you!


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