Book project, Google Wave, and a kayaking video

Except for some consulting work, my big project is a new book on using AllegroGraph for writing Semantic Web applications. Lots of work, but also a lot of fun.

I received a Google Wave Sandbox invitation today. I am going to try to spend an hour or two a day with Wave to get up to speed. Fortunately, I am 100% up to speed using the Java AppEngine (initially, Wave Robots, etc. get hosted on AppEngine, either Java or Python versions) and I have some experience with GWT - so I should already be in good shape -- but I need to write some code :-)

My wife took a short video of me kayaking yesterday.


  1. Cripes! Just took my first decent look at AllogroGraph. That looks amazingly rich and hopefully performant. I used KnowledgeCraft in the 80s and AllegroGraph seems to be all that and much more, updated for the web/21st century.

  2. Greetings Patrick,

    Yes, AllegroGraph is fairly much awesome. I have a strong bias for pen source, which AllegroGraph is definitely not, but sometimes you just want to use the best tools.

    Franz has an interesting business model for AllegroGraph: free version is capable enough for small and medium size projects, but moving up to larger capacity triple stores is expensive.

    I remain a huge fan of the open source Sesame stack, but I do like AllegroGraph better.



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