Review of Nokia N800 'web pad'

A N800 is a very small device that uses WiFi to access the web, including good support for Google GMail and instant messaging, and has a built in video camera.

Although it is a very nice device, I have two issues with it:
  • I thought that it came with video conferencing software (from what I just read, I need to wait a few months for additional software to be available).
  • The screen is very small - the resolution is a tasty 800x480, but the physical size is small. I find myself holding it about 14 inches from my eyes - probably too close to avoid eyestrain with long uninterrupted use.
I bought it for portability for reading both online technical material and fun stuff like Slashdot and reddit - without having to hold a laptop. After using it for about 1 hour I became very used to it. Also, did I mention that it runs Linux :-)


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