The genius of Jerry Weinberg

In the 1970s when I started professional software development there was one book that changed the way I viewed my job: The Psychology of Computer Programming

I was working at a large company and being right out of college I was surprised at the political nature of work. I was also surprised how difficult it seemed for people (including myself!) to see errors in their own work. Anyway reading this book over 30 years ago had a great positive effect on my career.

I saw a reference recently to another of Jerry's books: The Secrets of Consulting

I have been working, mostly out of a home office, as a consultant for about 10 years. Although I really enjoy consulting because of the variety of projects, consulting does have its drawbacks. I am not quite done reading Jerry's new book but it has already given me good insights into my chosen profession, mostly dealing with realizing what I don't know and new ways of thinking about the non-technical aspects of consulting. Excellent!


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