Writely has started accepting new accounts

I was especially interested in Writely because I wrote something similar, but simpler myself (KBdocs.com). I tend to use a lot of computers, and I wanted to have a simple online word processor for my own use. KBdocs.com took me about three evenings to write (a really easy project, because I used Kevin Roth's JavaScript Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor).

In any case, Writely seems to be well done, although it did throw an error during one operation. I expect that it will soon be excellent. I have become rather addicted to Latex recently - even more so than in the past, and with a handy subversion server, web based word processors are less of a draw to me because it takes a few seconds to grab working document files. That said, web applications like GMail, flicker, Picasa Web Photo site, Netflix (excellent!) and others take up almost all of my non-working time with computers.


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