I started a new blog just on AI theory

Artificial Intelligence Theory will probably be a very low volume blog. I am planning on using it more in an essay or white-paper writing mode. One thing that I will probably write about, in addition to more practical topics like probabilistic networks and reasoning systems is a long time interest that started in 1976 when I bought Bertram Raphael's great book The Thinking Computer: Mind Inside Matter: Computer Go Programs. I spent a lot of free time in the late 1970s writing what I am quite sure was the world's first commercial Go playing program Honnibo Warrior. I am still very interested in trying to develop some cross between NGRAM style hashes for local board positions and efficient storage mechanisms like AllegroCache to solve some tasks that if not strictly required by a Go program, would at least be more like the way human experts play Go: in other words, figure out how to implement the temporal and spatial memory in the human neocortex, but in software, and efficiently.


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