Oracle making their own Linux distro?

Perhaps this is just the next logical step for the commoditization of operating systems! Application and tool developers offering a complete software stack so they can control everything, reducing customer support costs and generating more revenue by selling larger bundles.

BTW, about 4 or 5 years ago I was seriously considering making my own Linux distribution that would have contained all of my favorite programming (C/C++, Lisp, Prolog, etc.) languages and AI frameworks (Wordnet, all free Lisp tools, etc., etc.) all configured out of the box. The problem was that it would have been easy enough to do one time, but making up a new distribution every time the base Linux distro that I was using was updated would have been a long term time sink. Right now I use Ubuntu and it is not such a hassle for me to add in the stuff I like every 6 months when Ubuntu gets updated. When I finish my current book project, I might look into making a few AI oriented packages for Ubuntu to save other people a little time.


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