Disney-ABC start to get it

Broadcast TV is dead - let's remember it fondly :-) Seriously Disney-ABC's pilot program to allow free download and viewing of TV shows a day after they are first run makes sense. They will, I believe, use some form of DRM to insure that commercials can not be skipped, but that seems fair enough to me. I bet that only Windows based viewing is possible, but there is always some hope that at least Mac OS X will also be supported. There is a lot of competition for viewers' "eye balls" for all types of entertainment and media, so re-purposing material for free (with commercials) anytime viewing makes sense. I have been enjoying old 1950s Alfred Hitchcock TV shows, both purchased on iTunes music store and rented via Netflix - another good way to enjoy anytime viewing. I also have hopes of more budget/indy productions making it to free or low cost anytime viewing.


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Not when many people still have 56k modems. And not when broadcast is still much faster than DSL or cable.

    And honestly, people always used to say books were dead when e-books came around. so, have you read an e-book lately?

  2. Hello asj,

    I was sort-of joking - sorry.

    Internet delivery is just another way to make more revenue off of TV material.



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