New open source project: Ruby Message System

I have relied on guarenteed delivery asynchronous messaging to build
large scale systems for 20 years. I was surprised when I could not find
something simular to Java's JMS for Ruby so I decided to build my own
and release the server under a GPL license and the client libraries
under a LGPL license. When I have code to release it will be in the
usual place (

If I am reinventing the wheel, please let me know! I only plan on
implementing what I need, but maybe when there is a public code base
other people might contribute. This project is in the planning stage
right now. Here are some rough notes:

1. unlike Java JMS, there is currently no planned support for publish
and subscribe

2. the primary data structure of RMS is a shared collection of named
message queues

3. there is currently no planned support for security: it is
anticipated that enterprise applications will use RMS behind a
firewall. very limited security will be provided by an optional
configuration file that specifies allowed IPs for clients.

4. operations supported:

send_message(queue, message)
register_listener(queue, a_listener)

note: a_listener object must be able to respond to the message:


5. sent messages are persisted using a database or a flat file and must
be serializable

6. once a message is delivered to all registered listeners for a queue
the message is deleted from persistent store

7. eventually, I would like to support transparent interoperability
with ActiveMQ via stump so Ruby code could interoperate with systems
written in different languages that use ActiveMQ.

I would appreciate any suggestions, ideas, etc.

PS. I was planning on using the stump system for accessing the Java ActiveMQ JMS server but after receiving a recommendation from someone for the stump ruby bindings and ActiveMQ I think that I will experiment with ActiveMQ - it is not too much trouble to keep ActiveMQ running on one of my private servers.


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