I have a new book contract

I need to check with my publisher before talking too much about my new project, but the book will focus on advanced development techniques using Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I assume that readers already have knowledge of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and some enterprise development experience. Anyway, I love to write and I am very much looking forward to working on this project.

I find myself using Ruby more than Java now. I still think that Java is great for huge enterprise projects but most of my work is for smaller deployments and mid-size projects where Ruby and Ruby on Rails simply seems like a better fit. Since I have a Lisp (I have written 2 Springer-Verlag Lisp books and many years of Lisp use) and Smalltalk background, Ruby is a very comfortable language for me to use. I find it interesting that Ruby might end up being the vehicle for introducing Lisp-like and Smalltalk type programming paradigms to mainstream programmers. Really, the only problem that I have with Ruby is that it is slow - not a high perfomance compiled language like Common Lisp.


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