Dumping on our kids and grandchildren: raising the national debt limit

Remember: Tax cuts are really tax deferrals to future generations. Too many people in our society lack the moral backbone to live within their earnings.

Some people say "but, running a deficit is a good thing". Well, of course running a moderate deficit is probably a good thing. Our current deficit limits are way out of whack however for what is in the best interests of our country.

Now, when I say best interests of our country, I am talking about people - I no longer count most corporations because most large corporations have moved offshore to avoid their fair share of taxes. They are no longer American.

I believe that in a free society that people should for the most part be free to make their own decisions and live their lives the way that they want to. However, this deeply immoral passing on economic desperation to future generations is sick and selfish behavior - not the legacy that I want to leave to my children and grandchildren. Anyone who is not part of the solution (e.g., repeatedly write to your elected representatives demanding fiscal responsibility, fair taxes for all people and corporations, etc.) is part of the problem. For the average person: do you really need that brand new car bought on credit? For owners of large corporations: do you really need that extra and excess $$$ so much that you are willing to contribute to, and cause severe economic problems for future generations.

Time for everyone to take a deep breath, and decide that dumping on future generations is a sick and immoral act - and that we should do everything in our power to say no to greed and selfishness. What ever happened to basic old fashion American values that I would summarize as "take what you need and leave something for other people". While it is in our nature to constantly strive for better lives for ourselves and our families, I question this new addiction to materialism.


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