Apache Daisy CMS sytem

I installed the latest release of Daisy this evening. It was a tough install (about 25 minutes to get the MySQL tables created, configure OpenJMS which is required, edit lots of config files, etc.). Anyway, the effort seems to be worth it! Like the Magnolia CMS system, when using a Firefox web browser, you can create/edit rich text HTML documents. However, Daisy also supports "attachment document" that are simply containers for OpenOffice.org, Word, etc. documents.

Daisy uses the Lucene search engine and both Word documents and plain HTML documents that I created were almost instantly searchable.

I like it!

PS. I have been planning on integrating my next release of KBtextmaster with Plone. I think that I will also supply a plugin for Daisy. KBtextmaster is a standalone service with an XML-RPC interface (and written in Common Lisp, BTW). I am tentatively planning on making any patches to Plone and Daisy (for accessing KBtextmaster vi XMLRPC) public domain. I have not really made up my mind yet - I still have about 150 hours left getting KBtextmaster ready so I will make final decesions on how to market it later. My consulting work load is fairly high right now, so I will be lucky to have a new version ready for sale by next spring.


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