Why doesn't Alan Greenspan level with us about the economy?

This is just my opinion, but I truly believe that Alan Greenspan says things that he knows to be misleading. I think that what he says in public is motivated by two things:
  • The Federal Reserve is not part of the US government: it is privately owned by a few very rich families. Greenspan works for these people and does what is in their best interests.
  • In order to save money on future taxes, the ultra-rich will do anything to re-elect George Bush.
In my opinion, the US economy is heading for a bad fall yet Greenspan fails to give average Americans a heads up to possible problems with the economy.

I believe that Greenspan is trying to postpone any bad economic news until after the reelection of George Bush. If you care about your and your family's economic future, try reading something that is true.

PS. one of my astute readers recommended doing a Google search for owns federal reserve.


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