I visited the Arcosanti archology last night

Carol and I, with 4 friends, drove south about an hour to get to the arcology started by internationally renowned architect Paolo Soleri about 30 years ago. I have been to Arcosanti several times and I always enjoy myself there. Arcosanti is only a 90 minute drive north of Phoenix Arizona, so if you are ever in the Phoenix area I recommend a side trip to Arcosanti. The food is excellent (mostly grown on the premises), the people who live there are interesting, and I usually visit when they have concerts in the acoustically perfect amphitheater.

Arcosanti is way ahead of its time. Right now, few people are willing to take a slight hit in standard of living in order to use a very small percentage of our national average use of natural resources. Fast forward 10 or 20 years when gas and heating fuel cost many times what they are today and the elegant low environmental-impact living style of Arcosanti looks good indeed. The beautiful buildings are designed to stay cool in the hot Arizona mountains summers and warm in the brisk winters. Whenever I go to Arcosanti I feel like I am looking at the future of how the human race can comfortably and happily adapt to resource shortages.


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