Brilliant: article about database wrappers in Python

This article by Scott Scriven is brilliant. One of the software engineers that I talked with when I spent a day at Google earlier this year was telling me about a cool technique for wrapping database tables to access data in a more "pythonic" way. This article provides the details. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I must say that although much of my programming is in Java (mostly because of the awesome server side frameworks and tools) I find myself spending more and more time developing in Python. Actually, maybe I should re-phrase that as spending less time because Python is such an awesomely productive language that I am sometimes surprised at how quickly programming tasks get done.

Last night I spent a short while doing something I had never bothered doing before: organizing some of the more useful Python code that I have written into modules and set up a PYTHONPATH to the root of my new library setup. Before, I tended to use Python for many small and quick tasks.

It is a little sad, but my increase in use of Python comes at the expense of using Common Lisp and Scheme less (I have written Springer-Verlag books on both Common Lisp and Scheme and really love those languages).


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