Using Emacs and org-mode in OS X

I recently ran across David O'Toole's org-mode tutorial and I have been experimenting with using org-mode with Emacs instead of the little utility web app I wrote for my own use a few years ago. I decided that I like org-mode better after learning the basic commands even though I can no longer access my to-do lists from ay web browser. Org-mode is useful for more than simply managing to-do lists and tasks but that is what I am mostly using it for.

To make org-mode always easily available I added this to my ~/.profile:

alias orgmode='echo -e "\033]0;org-mode\007";Emacs -nw ~/Documents/org-mode/.'
This will open org-mode in a the current term window tab and change the tab title to "org-mode." I keep all of my org-files in /Users/markw/Documents/org-mode/ so change that bit of bash script to reflect where you want to keep your org data files. You might also want to substitute emacs for Emacs -nw which is what I use for command line Emacs because I prefer the latest version 2.4.x of Emacs.


  1. if you'll use Emacs as daemon, then you can use emacsclient to connect to existing Emacs instance - it will start much faster as standalone emacs

  2. Thanks Alex, that is a good idea. BTW, I'll "see you" in the NLP class that starts in a few weeks. I am also taking the Probabilistic Graphical Models class.



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